Artists Apply; Serenity Virtual Exhibition

Motayo Gallery is thrilled to announce Serenity: a virtual exhibition, extending an invitation to artists worldwide to submit their creations for consideration.

This exhibition welcomes all artistic mediums, from painting and photography to mixed media and illustration, among others.

The central theme of the exhibition is Serenity.

Ensure that your submissions resonate with the theme and embody our envisioned artistic direction.

Submission of your work is entirely free of charge. Upon selection for the exhibition, a fee will be required to secure your spot.

Every participation ensures that your artwork is meticulously curated, presenting a well-crafted showcase that offers a distinctive opportunity for your creations to reach a broad audience.

For any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us at

We eagerly anticipate your submissions!


"Reflections" invites viewers into a virtual realm where art transcends the boundaries of physical space, delving into the multifaceted concept of reflection. Through various mediums and perspectives, this exhibition explores the intricacies of introspection, mirroring, and contemplation.


  • £30 for 1 x Artwork
  • £50 for 2 x Artworks
  • £80 for 3 x Artworks
  • £100 for 4 x Artworks
  • £120 for 5 x Artworks